Ashish Agarwal | Kerala
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Coconut trees and other plants lined up next to a creekView of lake resort framed from the top of a houseboatDucks and flowers in lagoon waterMan boating on a salt water lagoonRipples on the saltwater lagoonAn old stone bridge over a canal in AlleppeyWeeds, plants, boats and lots of greenery on a coastal saltwaterWake from the wash of an outboard motor boat in a lagoonWater rippling in the coastal lagoon due to the boatA houseboat on its quiet sojourn through the backwaters of AllepA houseboat moving placidly through a coastal lagoon in AlleppeyView of the cottages and lagoon water in Alleppey, Kerala, IndiaView of the cottages and lagoon water in Alleppey, Kerala, IndiaPool with balls, and cottages in the resort in Alleppey, Kerala,Balls lined up in the swimming pool in a resort in AlleppeyGreen fields with birds in Kerala, IndiaView of sunrise from the window of a houseboatCaptain of the houseboat surveying canalLady sleeping while boatman steers

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