Ashish Agarwal | Edinburgh Castle
Created 14-Oct-13
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Iron mesh made of thick iron bars inside the Edinburgh CastleIron mesh inside the Edinburgh CastleDirection markers to different parts of the Edinburgh CastleTourists entering the Scottish National War memorial inside EdinTourists and the royal palace inside the Edinburgh CastleSculpture of a ram in front of the Scottish National War MemoriaSculpture of a lion in front of the Scottish National War MemoriInscription on doorway of Scottish National War memorialGargoyles and carvings on Scottish National War MemorialInscription on the entrance of War memorial inside Edinburgh CasRow of cannons at the top section of Edinburgh CastleIron protection on mesh covered well inside Edinburgh CastleA whole mass of tourists inside Edinburgh Castle, descending froThe splendor of Edinburgh Castle, located on a height overlookinThe Portcullis inside a corridor in Edinburgh Castle, with touriThe sign for the Castle Gates inside the Edinburgh Castle, givinGrand staircase inside the Edinburgh Castle, with a sign for exhTourists emerging from a lower level in the Edinburgh Castle, anTourists just outside the gate of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland i

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