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Photos of some of the attractions of Edinburgh, including the famous Castle
Bus moving on a wet path in EdinburghCars near Edinburgh CastleCouple walking on a wet path in Edinburgh near the Train StationTrain leaving Waverly train stationTrain station and buses in EdinburghWaverly train station in EdinburghLion sculpture in front of the Scottish National War Memorial inside Edinburgh CastleClocktower inside the Edinburgh Castle in ScotlandPeople entering the war museum inside Edinburgh CastleRepair work inside the Edinburgh CastleScaffolding inside the Edinburgh CastleSignboard in the cellars of the Edinburgh CastleThe Scottish National War Museum inside Edinburgh CastleTourists in front of the royal palace inside the Edinburgh CastleCannons at Half Moon Battery inside Edinburgh Castle and vanCannons at Half Moon Battery inside Edinburgh CastleFluttering Union Jack at Edinburgh Castle in ScotlandLadies on a bench inside Edinburgh CastleSide view of war memorial in Edinburgh Castle in ScotlandStatue on wall inside Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

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